Balloon’s day parade Brussels comic festival

The Brussels Comic Festival was here again last weekend and we had a meetup for the Balloon’s Day Parade on Sunday. The weather forecast scared off most of the participants, but in the end we were lucky to avoid the rain and even sun was peaking behind the clouds at times. The Photoresk group met by the entrance of a BELvue Museum and joined the crowd to have a look at the inflated cartoon characters and people dressed up as such. The parade itself was announced cancelled due to the strong wind, so we simply had a walk around and visited the big tents full of cartoon books and artists signing and giving away free drawings. One of our Photoresk members was signing his books as well and we dropped by to say “hello” and took a few photos for him.

In the end we noticed that the parade was taking place after all, so we hurried to snap our photos. Many of us got separated by the crowd, but a few of us found each other again and followed the parade for a few blocks. When the rain drops finally touched our noses, we went to a brasserie and enjoyed a drink together.