Retrospective of Robert Doisneau Visiting the exhibition

Another great photo exhibition! This time we went to the Museum of Ixelles, which is also one of the hidden treasures in Brussels. It was a very extensive exhibition of Robert Doisneau, nicely put together and arranged in two floors. In the middle of the space they had large prints positioned so that one could only see the full images from above. Doisneau’s earlier work was impressive considering the technical limitations of the time period; he had taken captivating photos of everyday life with beautiful light and shadow compositions. Many of the photos were funny and clearly revealing people’s thoughts, wishes and moods. One could have easily written a story to accompany each image.

The later works from the seventies were a big contrast to Doisneau’s black and white photos, yet many seemed to enjoy them as well. The color scheme truly changed the feeling of the work, but even the topic was so different that comparison was almost unnecessary.

It turned out to be a very busy Sunday at the exhibition, but the visit was worth it. As a group, we enjoyed a nice discount and got in only for five euros. Finally, we had an interesting experience at a small bar in Matongé, the African district of Brussels, and enjoyed a drink while discussing our views on the exhibition as well as recent photography trips.