Zot Day 2016 Slacklining and action in Brussels

Photoresk was invited to photograph the slacklining and action event, called Zot Day, in Brussels in mid-September. We were given VIP passes to the 13th floor at Boulevard Anspach, and what a great experience this was for us. Hanging out with the slackliners, we took some nice photos for them to share and utilize in promotion.

Crazy guys and girls… and famous names 😉 Highline: Nathan Paulin (world records highline 1020m), Lucas Milliard (Guinness world record fastest 100m, highline 765m China 2016), and Soraya Schultz (Dutch female highline record). Trickline: Lyel Grunberg (vice-champion Suisse de Trickline), Coco Giro (vice-champion World Slackline Masters 2016), Alexandra Arendt (top 10 worldwide contest SI 2015), and Lucas Laporte (vice-champion trickline Urban Element Marseille 2014).

Enjoy the photos!