Keukenhof (NL) spring 2016 flower heaven in spring

A meetup was planned for Keukenhof early April 2016.

Due to the cold spring, it was uncertain how many flower fields would be blooming and and if it would be worth a 400 km drive. So in the end we cancelled the meetup, but drove over with a few friends to see what’s going on!

Too early for Tulips?!!

The answer is yes and no. Inside the park, we saw many beautiful flowers and there were hundreds of tulip variations in a greenhouse. However, the tulip fields outside were still devastated.


The tulip fields outside still needed some sunny days.


However, inside the greenhouses there were many variations showcased.


Little Holland – We were so luck to be there on such a summer-ish day!


The park was beautiful.


Everything was nicely arranged.


From the platform in the windmill you could already see some early red.


Colors, colors, colors.