Mystical autumn garden Meise, Belgium

The autumn, the cold, but the colors! There is always some beauty in the gloominess of the arriving winter. You can sense the coming changes and feel inspired by them. We captured this feeling at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium in Meise. The 92 hectares and 18 000 different kinds of plants and trees gave us endless photography opportunities in the mystical weather.

We met by the entrance of the park and took a nice walk together, visited the cute castle in the middle of the park, and eventually sat down for a picnic together. While exploring the rest of the park, we got a ride with a little tractor train around the area. The weather was chilly, so we gathered for a hot drink in the warmth of a restaurant, after which we finished our event at the greenhouses where our lenses got all foggy in the different temperature zones.

It was also sweet coming home after the day of exploration in fresh outside air while embracing the new season and the changes that will come along with it. Colors are the sun of the autumn.