We did it again: Photoresk at Zot Day 2017 Action sports in the city centre of Brussels

It is now the second year in a row for Photoresk to participate the Zot Day in mid-September. The whole inner city of Brussels, along Boulevard Anspach, was packed with action sport demonstrations: mountain bike, kick-board, slack-line and many other sports which you would not normally see in the center.

Yet, the absolute highlight of the day was again the lines running from the 13th floor of the office buildings high over the spectators on the streets. Exciting and a great experience for us taking photos of them. Beslack.be – the group which organised this sportive event managed to attract once again famous champions of the high-line scene.

World champions and other famous people on the high-line were: Lucas Milliard, Antony Newton, Nathan Paulin, Guillaume Rolland, Tom PeekYuri Rhodenborgh, Soraya Schultz, Jonas Konijnenberg, Tom Boegler, Christine Chau, Alexandra Arendt, Corentin Pilat, Lyell Grunberg, Chris Pettersen, Coralie Girault and Nicolas Macaron.

Enjoy the photos!