Touring Aachen International Photoresk meetup

It was great to be on the road with a group of photographers, like-minded people. Our Photoresk community is growing and we have now large groups in Brussels, Aachen and Cologne, and it was about time we organised another international meetup.

Many thanks to Alexandra who suggested that we meet in Aachen! Photographers came from all different directions: Cologne, Brussels, Trier, Linz on the Rhine, and of course Aachen.

On this occasion, we also found out that you can travel for under 20 € by train from Brussels to Aachen and back 😉

Aachen offered almost infinitely variations of motifs: architecture, fountains, markets, the old town and the cathedral, just to name a few. Martin who knows Aachen like his pockets had worked out a very interesting route, about 3 km through the city. However, we couldn’t quite get through it all with almost 20 photographers, chatting, talking and of course taking pictures. It wasn’t a problem though, we all had a very good time, some great pictures were taken, and we exchanged knowledge and ideas following the Photoresk learning and sharing methodology. At the end of the day, we went together to a small pizzeria and strengthened ourselves for the journey back home.

Another wonderful Photoresk meetup with friendly people. More coming up soon!