Nuit Blanche The White Night of Arts

The yearly Nuit Blanche took place in early October and it offered a great opportunity to experiment with taking photos in the dark. The Parc de Bruxelles was gorgeously illuminated and provided good surroundings to socially critical performance as well as installation art. This year’s theme was ‘Power Games’ …reflection and humour went hand in hand this night, and several big banks and outspoken leaders had to pay for their past actions (at least the art gave justice in our minds and hearts while reality remains hard to change).

Later in the evening the weather gods were not too kind to us, but the interior events offered a good alternative to enjoy the event and experience something different. Finally, a closing drink in a cosy computer hackers bar could not have been more appropriate to end the day.

The night brought enough food for thought and inspiration for future photo meetups!

Photos by Horacio Londoño