Focus walk Mechelen with visit to Kazerne Dossin

In the context of the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the Belgian Jews, on the 28th of January, the Holocaust memorial museum, Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen opened the temporary portrait exhibition of the Belgian photographer and filmmaker André Goldberg. The exhibition was composed of 37 striking black and white portraits of holocaust witnesses and was accompanied with their testimonials collected by the sociologist Dominique Rozenberg.

As always Photoresk tries to visit all the intriguing photography exhibitions across Belgium. We also used this as an opportunity to walk-and-shoot through Mechelen.

Our day began with a nice and long stroll down the picturesque riverside of Dijle. The weather served us well so we could all take our time to make some beautiful photos around Mechelen.

Before heading to the exhibition we sat down for lunch and shared some interesting thoughts and ideas to improve our meetups and challenge the needs of all our diverse group members. And of course as always, sharing good laughs and stories makes us get to know each other better and better with every meetup.

We finally arrived at the museum in the afternoon and first visited the temporary exhibition of drawings and paintings “The art of war” from a whole series of artists who used their work to express their feelings, impressions and thoughts about war.

On the 4th floor of the museum with a beautiful view on the whole city we saw the emotional and unique portraits reviving the stories of the survivors.

We also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with André Goldberg himself accompanied with some drinks.

After a day filled with our common passion we headed home in the late afternoon enriched with a new experience, new faces we met, something new we learnt and a new meetup to look forward to.