Sunny day in Liège City for abstract photos

The photo walk in Liège, Belgium, started at the famous Guillemins Railway Station, designed by Santiago Calatrava. Everyone took their cameras out and a good moment was spent capturing the inspiring shapes of the wide building. The tour then lead us to the Parc de la Boverie, after crossing the new bridge, where we had a picnic and did some photography experimentation with ND-filters (neutral density).

Following the river Meuse, we ended up at Montagne de Bueren and got a reasonable amount of exercise by climbing the 374-step-stairway. This gave us a good reason to stop at a Brasserie and relax a bit before returning to the railway station while strolling through the city center.

It was a nice adventure and our feet were happy to find a couch at home after the sunny day in Liège.