Vision statement

We are an open-minded international organization which breaks cultural boundaries, creates awareness on important topics and enables communication among people with different cultural, ethnological and financial backgrounds through common interests. Focusing on photography related activities, we provide a friendly learning and sharing community, increase the life enjoyment of individuals and groups of diverse people, and put our effort in making the world a better place.

Our unique sharing platform,, empowers and inspires the participants, as well as promotes the creativity of all human kind.

Mission statement

Photoresk is an international not-for-profit organization focused on social and environmental topics. The organization brings people of diverse backgrounds together, and in collaboration with other partners, raises awareness and funding for important local and international issues. This is accomplished through various inventive initiatives related to photography and photojournalism. is the unique sharing platform of Photoresk which combines stories and photography, and promotes deeper meaning and understanding of the world and its inhabitants therefore influencing the lives of others. We provide writing and photography assistance, take small project assignments from individuals and NGOs, organise events and competitions, distribute newsletter and other publications, as well as offer support for other independent Photoresk groups and their social projects.