The statutes are almost finalised; they will be publishes here once Photoresk is formally registered as association. For those who are interested in the ‘formal’ goals, objectives and activities, here is the text from section 2 of the draft statutes:


Article 5 – Objectives and activities


5.1 Photoresk is a movement, based on worldwide membership, and it shall consist of structures, international networks, affiliated groups and international members.

5.2 The Association pursues international non-profit objectives which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Promote intercultural competencies, cultural awareness and information sharing among the members and also on a broader scale
  • Create awareness on important topics and enable communication among people with different cultural, ethnological and financial backgrounds through common interests while overcoming cultural barriers
  • Extend the visibility and recognition of local and regional projects to a global level
  • Build up a global network of local Photoresk groups
  • Support socially and environmentally responsible activities and facilitate their publications
  • Support campaigns and artistic activities of local and international partners
  • Strengthen the already existing Photoresk activities and create new services and experiences
  • Represent the Association and its members before the institutions and organisations related to the Photoresk activities in Europe and worldwide -Actively promote and facilitate education through learning-and-sharing methodologies


5.3 The Association may initiate the following activities to achieve its aims:

  • Develop and strengthen local groups by training and information programs
  • Take-on projects from individuals and NGOs related to social and environmental issues
  • Share best practices in photography, team building, intercultural competencies and communication, as well as in related domains
  • Establish contacts and enable insights on an international level
  • Organise events, excursions and travels, and expand the geographical coverage of stakeholders on an international scale
  • Establish and organise technical, logistical and administrative support to local Photoresk groups, in particular to strengthen their organisational and financial capacity
  • Establish and organise consultancy for local Photoresk groups with regard to the implementation and the management of their organisations
  • Organise debates, seminars, presentations, workshops, trainings or other educational activities
  • Develop and organise networks between members and interested parties, as well as activities to support these networks, such as the creation of websites, newsletters, debates, forums and consultations
  • Establish and organise the financing and implementation of research, analysis and evaluation of issues related to the purpose of the Association
  • Establish and organise the financing and implementation of training, workshops and exchange visits for those involved in activities as mentioned in the objectives of the Association
  • Publish and distribute documents and any other materials to support training and funding in line with objectives of the Association
  • Establish and organise the financing and implementation of technical support missions by and for the members
  • Organise and participate in debates concerning the policies and their wordings with regard to the purpose and objectives of the Association, including conducting research in technical, legal, economic and social matters
  • Cooperate with individuals and organisations operating in line with the objectives of the Association
  • Undertake any other action related to and in support of the objectives of the Association

5.4 Within the limits of the law, the Association can undertake all actions or lucrative activities that help accomplishing its purpose.