Photoresk Photo Talk 24. October 2023

New! Next time we will have a

The Mystery Photo (c) copyright by Ela


Photoresk Visual Storytelling Challenge

Continue the Visual Tale!

How to Participate:

  1. Start with the Mystery Photo: Observe the image (the Mystery Photo). It’s the beginning of a visual story.
  2. Add Your Part: Use your camera to capture a photo that continues the narrative of the Mystery Photo. Express your style and creativity freely.
  3. Online Meeting Reveal: Bring your photo to our next online meeting and unveil how it fits into the evolving story. Share your inspiration and perspective.

Join this visual storytelling adventure, where one image leads to another in a journey of creativity. The story unfolds as each of you brings your unique style and ideas to the narrative.

Get ready to be inspired, and let the story continue through your lens!